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Regency Redemption: The Inconvenient Duchess / An Unladylike Offer

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4.0 звезд, основано на 14 отзывах

A hasty proposal…Compromised and wedded on the same day, Lady Miranda was fast finding married life not to her taste

A decaying manor and a secretive husband were hardly the stuff of girlish dreams

Instead, she ll offer herself to notorious rake Captain St John Radwell and enjoy all the freedom of a mistress! But St John is intent on mending his rakish ways and now his resolve must resist the determined, beautiful, and very, very tempting Esme Two classic and delightful Regency tales

Yet every time she looked at dark, brooding Marcus Radwell, Duke of Haughleigh, she felt inexplicably compelled and determined to make their marriage real!Ruin or Redemption Miss Esme Canville s brutal father is resolved to marry her off

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